October 23, 2011

And I Quote...

Elisabeth Elliot:

"Wouldn't it make an astounding difference, not only in the quality of the work we do (in office, schoolroom, factory, kitchen, or backyard), but also in our satisfaction, even our joy, if we recognized God's gracious gift in every single task, from making a bed or bathing a baby to drawing a blueprint or selling a computer? If our children saw us doing "heartily as unto the Lord" all the work we do, they would learn true happiness. Instead of feeling that they must be allowed to do what they like, they would learn to like what they do. St. Ignatius Loyola prayed, "Teach us, Good Lord, to labor and to ask for no reward save that of knowing that we do Thy will." As I learn to pray that prayer, I find that there are many more rewards that come along as fringe benefits. As we make an offering of our work, we find the truth of a principle Jesus taught: Fulfillment is not a goal to achieve, but always the by-product of sacrifice."

October 21, 2011

Golden Light

I don't have many words today, just pictures.

What is it about autumn light? It's so glowing and golden. It gets me everytime!

October 16, 2011

And I Quote...

"Are your devotions dry and tedious? Are they difficult? Perhaps it's because you're approaching the Word without intending to be submitted to what it says. What a difference it makes when we approach it, saying, 'Lord, today, use these Scriptures to change my life, to convict me of sin, to change my attitudes and heart within.' " -Jon Courson

October 14, 2011

Autumn Surprise

It may technically autumn,

but here in Southern California

I was surprised to find (but maybe shouldn't have been)

new baby ferns popping up out of the ground!

October 12, 2011

San Diego Sunset

We went to San Diego last month

to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary.

This was right outside our hotel.

And since we got stuck in the Great San Diego Blackout

we took a little walk

and had a nice view of the city.
Soon we couldn't see it anymore though, it was too dark!

October 11, 2011

Confessions and Quirks: Part Ten, Aternately Titled: Pardon Me, Your Blond Roots Are Showing

1. I once paid for gas but forgot to pump it and drove off. My family still laughs about it and to this day my grandma won't go to that gas station because when I went back  literally two minutes later, the guy said sorry, but he didn't remember me.

2. I accidentally through away some earrings I had just bought at a mall food court. I must have set the (small) bag on the tray and forgotten about it. I was just going to count it as a loss as the earrings weren't expensive enough to warrant me digging through a food court trash can, but my friend reached her arm in there and pulled them out. She was a good friend.

3. I won't tell you how many times I've forgotten some of my groceries at Walmart, but it's more than once.

4. And yes, each time I did contemplate just leaving them their, but I am too frugal to do that now. Besides, it was always stuff I really needed.

5. Once I was running a bit late (something I never do, as I can't stand being late) and was searching everywhere for my phone. I couldn't find it and was about to leave with out it when I realized it was in my pocket. Okay, that was just last week.

6. Surprisingly, I've never (knock on wood!) locked my keys in my car.

7. But my husband has, with our then one year old daughter strapped in her car seat. Thankfully it was fall, so it didn't get hot in there.

8. I once picked up the phone in my room (it had a cord!) and was going to call a friend, but kept getting a busy signal. That was odd because she had told me to call at that time. I called two more times before I realized that I had been dialing my own phone number. No wonder I was getting a busy signal, I was using the phone!

9. I can't think of anymore so I don't know if it means I'm not that dumb, or I'm just forgetting other incidences.

10. But probably it's the latter.

October 03, 2011

Fading Flowers

I have a confession.
I let flowers that have wilted and died and dried out

stay on my table for a few extra days
because I still think they are pretty.

October 02, 2011

And I Quote...

"They that see God cannot but praise Him. He is a Being of such glory and excellency that the sight of this excellency of his will necessarily influence them that behold it to praise Him. Such a glorious sight will awaken and rouse all the powers of the soul, and will irresistibly impel them, and draw them into acts of praise. Such a sight enlarges their souls, fills them with admiration, and with an unspeakable exaltation of spirit." -Jonathan Edwards

September 30, 2011

Dinnerware as Art

This is another one of those projects that was sitting around forever before I got around to completing it. I had everything to do it for over a year before I finally go around to it. Kind of silly since it was such a simple project! It's hanging up in my dining room now and I love it! It 's a really easy and inexpensive project, so I thought I'd do a little tutorial on how to make your own.
Supply List
1. One or more wooden picture frames. You can spray paint your frame(s) any color you want, so you don't have to worry about finding matching frames. I got lucky and found all three matching frames at my favorite thrift store in a color I liked all at once, but I've never had that happen to me since!
2. Old silverware. Mine came from a thrift store. It doesn't have to be matching. I intentionally chose different sizes and patters to make it more interesting.
3. Scrapbook paper. I just raided my overflowing and ever growing paper supply. If one of your frames is bigger that 12x12 (standard paper size) make sure you get two pieces of your paper in a pattern that you can match up. The paper on my biggest frame is actually two pieces, you just can't tell because I lined the patterns up.
4. Matte ModPodge. It can be found at a craft store or Walmart craft section.
5. E-6000 clear multi-purpose glue. You can also buy it at a craft store or at Walmart in the craft section.
6. Flat art canvases in sizes to fit in your frames. Sometimes you can find these at Walmart, but they don't always have very many sizes, so you may have better luck at an art supply/craft store.

Step One
Spray paint your frames if desired.

Step Two
You are going to cover your flat canvases in paper. Cut your paper to the same size as your canvas. Brush a coat of ModPodge on the canvas and and lay the paper on top of it. Smooth it out as much as you can. I like to use a brayer for this, but you can use a rolling pin or your hands. Once your paper is smooth, brush another coat of ModPodge on top of it and let it dry.

Step Three
Once the ModPodge has dried, decide on your arrangement of the silverware. When you know the way you want it to be, glue it down with the E-6000 glue. Obviously some of the silverware is not flat, so just put the glue on the parts where the silverware touches the paper. The glue is really powerful stuff, so even if you can only put a bead of glue on the back of the spoon head, it should still stick once it's dry. Make sure you let the glue dry for 24 hours before you pick up the canvas though.

Step Four
Once the glue has dried, but your canvas in the frame. Two of my frames had little staples in them that I could bend to hold the canvases in, but one did not. On the one that didn't I just pulled out my E-6000 again and glued it into the frame. If you need to use glue, make sure you let it dry before hanging it up.

That's all there is to it! I don't know why it took me so long to get around to this project, it was so easy. Hopefully it won't take you as long as it took me! It's a fun and inexpensive way to add some whimsy to your dining room. I'm always getting compliments on it.

If anyone makes dinnerware art, I would love to see it! Post it on your blog and let me know. I'll come check it out and maybe even put a link to your dinnerware art here!

When She Speaks

Lately for my 52 Weeks project I have been reading Proverbs. I have to admit, I'm struggling with this book a bit. It's not that it's bad, of course, but that it's so random! It's good, but it's been a hard book for me to get through, even more so than Numbers. Maybe it's better to read only one or two proverbs a day, instead of several chapters, but if I'm going to finish the Old Testament by the end of the year, chapters it is.
I'm celebrating because today I finished Proverbs and ended on a high note. This was the one thing in the book that stood out to me more than anything else:
"When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say, and she always says it kindly."
Proverbs 31:26 (The Message)

This is not me, but oh, how I want it to be! The Lord and I are working on it.

And now I can't wait to see how He's going to speak to me through Ecclesiastes!

September 29, 2011

Water Fairies

Sometimes I like to think that fairies come at night

and place drops of dew on blades of grass
even though I know it's not true!

"The Lord says, "Then I will heal you of your faithlessness; My love will know no bounds, for My anger will be gone forever. I will be to Israel like a refreshing dew from heaven. Israel will blossom like the lily; it will send roots deep into the soil like the cedars in Lebanon." Hosea 14:5-6


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